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Easily Design Boutique-Quality Jewelry in 3D
Sell for Huge Profits

Troupe empowers you to design boutique-quality jewelry in 3D; It's easy and completely FREE.

Simply choose a template, upload your own image and watch it instantly convert to 3D in your choice of material.

Pair it with one of our fabulous necklaces, bracelets or bangles for a finishing touch.


Once your design is complete, we’ll provide you with high-quality product imagery and your own ecommerce page to launch your product and collect orders.

You can also download your product images to use on any 3rd-party ecommerce site.


Spread the word via social media, email and beyond and watch your orders roll in!

A typical campaign featuring a beautifully-crafted, 18K gold-plated piece that retails for $44.95 will generate $1,000 in profit for you with just 50 orders.

We hand-make each piece, package it beautifully, and deliver it directly to your customers.


Each piece of Troupe jewelry is custom made in the USA to the highest standards using premium materials and finishing excellence.

Our Process starts by printing a resin replica of your piece using a super-high resolution 3D printer.

Each replica is hand cast in your choice of material then hand polished in your choice of finish.

All Troupe jewelry is nickel and lead free.

Each piece comes with 100% money back guarantee.