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We named the company Troupe to express the idea that many people have come together to create unique and fabulous styles. Our one-of-a-kind process delivers on its promise to produce the finest pieces of custom jewelry in the world.

Each custom piece is handcrafted with love in the USA and is the culmination of several talented artisans' work:

  1. First, our community of artists digitally sculpt 3D components.
  2. Then you create your customized design.
  3. The 3D components are arranged along with converted 2D images and assembled to produce a final 3D model.
  4. A super-high-resolution 3D printer prints each model in a resin material maintaining the smallest details.
  5. Each piece of a resin is immersed in a slurry of ceramic material, which hardens around the resin.
  6. Next, the ceramic material is heated causing the resin to melt creating a mold.
  7. The mold is filled with molten metal in the specified material.
  8. Once the metal hardens, it is polished, plated, and sealed to resist scratches and tarnishing.
  9. Finally it is assembled, packaged and shipped.

All of your custom jewelry designs are nickel and lead free.